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Ridetech Level 3 Suspension Package - 64-72 Chevelle

Ridetech Level 3 Suspension Package - 64-72 Chevelle
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Price: $7,395.95


Ridetech Level 3 Suspension Package - 64-72 Chevelle

If you want it all from your GM A-Body, this is the kit that can deliver. Smooth luxury ride, Aggressive stance, and a real hotrod on the track. This system delivers in every case. The "Street Challenge" system includes the best of every option we have to offer. Upgrades like StrongArms, MuscleBars, and the RidePRO Digital control system are included. The Level 3 package also offers the best value by including a discount when the entire system is purchased together.

Lowers Your Ride Height

Ride height is where your car should be driven at - you can expect be able to lower your vehicle 2 to 3 inches further when not being driven by deflating the air springs below the ride height pressure.

  • Lowers Front Ride Height from OEM by 3"
  • Lowers Rear Ride Height from OEM by 4"
Improves Ride Quality

Since the air springs can be adjusted to nearly infinite spring rate, perfectly accommodating the weight of your car. The car will ride better than ever. and ready for a night at the local drag strip with a few clicks on the shocks! The double adjustable aluminum shocks included in the Level 3 package provide you with tuning options to control the compression and rebound valving so you can dial in your car for corner carving or smooth cruising... or anywhere in between.

Improves Handling

With optimized suspension geometry provided by the StrongArms, the adjustability of the air springs, and double adjustable shocks, and the upgraded MuscleBars (swaybars) don't be surprised when your "Classic Car" can hold the road with modern sports sedans.


Ridetech builds their systems with a goal of improving OEM standards, which includes the durability and safety margins. Our suspension components are built strong and durable enough for everyday use. We're talking six digit mileage - EASY. We know, because we have multiple A-body's in our fleet that have logged over a quarter million miles on our systems (some pulling 1.2G's in skid pad!)

Complete Package

Yep, it is everything you need. This Level 3 kit includes all the hardware, bolts / nuts etc... to get your Classic GM A Body riding on air. We've picked out our best stuff, you know it is all going to work together perfectly.

This is the "Street Challenge" system and it includes the best of every option Ridetech has to offer. If you are looking for the most versatile, and best performing system, then this is the option you should consider. Upgrades like StrongArms, MuscleBars, and the AirPOD control system are nearly always included in the Level 3 system. The Level 3 package also offers the best value by including a discount when the entire system is purchased together.

Front Suspension


The ShockWave® mounts much like a coilover and replaces both the coil spring and the shock absorber. The Shockwave kit bolts in using the existing upper shock mount. The Shockwave system lower the vehicle from the factory ride height and provides the ability to go even lower when not being driven by lowering the air pressure further.


StrongArm tubular control arms not only improve suspension geometry and handling, they also make installation even easier. The added benefit when replacing control arms is new bushings and ball joints. No more worn out components.


The most overlooked suspension component is also one of the most important. The magic you could be missing in your suspension may be nothing more than simply adding or upgrading your swaybar. The new Musclebar sway bars were developed specifically for lowered vehicles and will greatly enhance the cornering performance of your vehicle ( Not to mention they'll also make some vehicles safer at the speeds we travel on today's interstate highways.

Ridetech Tall Spindles

It is called a TALL Spindle because the upper ball joint is raised 1-1/2". Different from the factory design, it yields a better camber change during suspension movement. Pivot points are determined by the ball joints on the spindles and bushing locations on the frame, not the control arms. These spindles are STEEL, the strongest ones in the industry.

Billet Tie Rod Adjusters

Strong, easy to adjust and look cool too. Large wrench flats on both ends provide an easy way to dial your suspension anodized aluminum finish provides long lasting good looks.

Rear Suspension


The CoolRide® system consists of an airspring, a shock absorber, and all of the necessary mounting brackets and hardware. The rear system is very simple to install with the airspring and shock absorber replacing the coil-spring and shock in the stock locations.

Control System

RidePro® Digital

The Level 3 package comes equipped with Ridetech's Airpod Digital compressor system outfitted with 2 compressors and a 5 gallon tank, and includes level sensors for increased accuracy.

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